Colors are our Specialty
• On Time Deliveries
• Quick Turnaround Times
• Superior Customer Service & Quality Products

Our staff and lab personnel are available to discuss all your color needs. We pride ourselves in taking our time with our customers, to ensure it’s done correctly from the beginning.



Rainbow Colors, Inc. is dedicated to making quality products. Our manufacturing procedures have been implemented to make sure that our products are meeting the highest standards. All employees are trained by a member of our quality team, to ensure proper methods are used in manufacturing. Rainbow has an internal quality program that follows the ISO guidelines. We encourage our customers to learn and understand our procedures.


Spectro Color Readings

Rainbow uses state of the art technology to produce accurate measurements in color. Our Spectro Color i5 measures color in three different light sources. It assists in keeping colorants consistent from lot to lot and also allows us to maintain our standards. We follow the industry specific tolerances, as well as customer required tolerances.



Quick turnaround times and on time deliveries is a top priority at Rainbow Colors. We effectively and efficiently produce quality products within our customers’ requested dates. Rainbow Colors is a dependable and reliable source for colorant among the industry. We consider transit times when scheduling and always keep our customers informed on the progress of their orders and requests.


Color matches

Our team is trained to have an “eye” for color. We use the most efficient pigment system, which allows pricing competitiveness, along with practical let down ratios. All formulations are designed to ensure proper dispersion and create an acceptable level of loading.



Rainbow encourages new color developments to be sampled for final approval. To make sure products are meeting our customers’ exact needs. Our staff is also available for onsite assistants during trail runs if necessary.



We have on-site technical personnel to assist in questions or concerns for all applications. Our person to person contact allows us to maintain relationships and directly provide information within a reasonable amount of time. Having open communication with our customers allows Rainbow to continue making improvements for our customers every day.


Rainbow Colors Inc. is now ISO certified, making improvements every day to better serve our customers.