"Rainbow Colors has the full spectrum of quality products, service and support."

Rainbow Colors, Inc. produces quality colorants with superior service and customer support. Manufacturing procedures have been implemented to make sure that our products are produced properly and defect-free. These implementations have been made by allowing open communication with customers and vendors, to reassure quality practices. Rainbow continues to research and improve current techniques, to continue a high level of manufacturing. We also strive to provide a safe and effective work atmosphere. All employees are required to participate in our standard operations, not only to provide suggestions, but to ultimately reach our goal in producing a quality product. Rainbow is committed to being a leader in the plastic industry and other colorant related industries.

Rainbow Colors Inc. is ISO certified,
making improvements every day to better serve our customers.

Rainbow Colors Inc. is now ISO Certified

Our Team

CALL: 847-640-7700 OR EMAIL: info@rainbowcolorsinc.com

Tony Vescovi

Operations Manager


Patrick McDonnell

Sales Manager
Cell: 708-987-8228


Paul Glas

Lab Manager


Customer Service



Amie Pernitzke

Business Development &
Marketing Director
Cell: 262-894-4892